Monday, 12 March 2007

James Marvin - Ted Hughes/Jupiter/Tereus/Lycabus

James played the lead role in "Ovid" to great acclaim; people throughly enjoyed being intimidated, shocked, and moved by his character, who loved his wife, but just couldn't keep his hands to himself, and had a tendancy to turn into a raunchy sailor (as Lycabus!). James treated Hughes' character with great respect and had a very clear understanding of the poet's mindset and motivations in the play.

James has previously been in Warwick Drama's production of "Othello", and is presently starring in "The Winslow Boy", also for Warwick Drama. Interestingly he is seeing another side of the "Ovid" story by playing a character in an Art Centre production of Timberlake's "Love of a Nightingale". James is a second year English and Theatre Studies student.

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